How to use iPad 2.0

How to use iPad 2.0

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

Don’t understand me wrong, there are other very popular ipad guides out there, they are not bad at all, but who has the patience and will to read through it? Well, me, I did it and I learnt a lot, honestly. But, I did it cause I didn’t know I can find it all on videos and better.

How to use iPad 2.0

Well, both iPads are very similar in functionality so if you have iPad 1.0 and know how to use iPad 1.0, using iPad 2.0 will be a piece of cake for you, but if you have been using only the most basic options in your iPad you should go through a guide, cause you are probably using something like 10% of your iPad abilities.

Which brings me to the next question:

Why should I learn how to use my iPad (or iPad 1 for that matter) and “waste” my time on an iPad tutorial or iPad guide book?

Well, the iPad (not to mention iPad2) is much much more than a browser it has endless capabilities, enhanced by countless apps that are written to it all the time, even its creators couldn’t anticipate what it can do and how far private developers will go with it.

So, you have like a super computer in your hands and you are using only a fraction of its abilities, shame, isn’t it?

But, learning how to use my iPad would be too complicated wouldn’t it?

Well, no one needs to learn everything  (although I like to know as much as I can on gadgets I buy), but there is a difference between knowing all your iPad options and knowing almost nothing about how to operate it. I heard about people running to the support centers just to find out a click would solve a specific problem they thought they have.

That is why an iPad tutorial is so important – to learn the basic stuff and for those who want to learn the advanced and a bit more advanced cool things the iPad can do.

You decide how deep you want to go into learning how to use your iPad in the best way, but most likely you don’t even realise what wonderful things it can do for you! So, you put the money and got this super high tech piece of geniusy, don’t insult it and make it only a browser

You have no excuses, after reading this you can say there is no proper iPad tutorial or iPad guide, you can learn how to use iPad in minutes!

The bad news are there is no official iPad tutorial or iPad user guide out there, at least nothing better than how to turn on and off this cutie.