iPad 2 Wifi Rear Back Cover Replacement Service


iPad 2, iPad 2 Mail-In Repair

iPad 2 Wifi Rear Back Cover Replacement Service

iPad 2 Wifi Rear Back Cover Replacement Service

Does your ipad have lots of scraches, dents or cracks?

This repair will replace the rear back cover of your ipad.We’ll perform the replacement, sending your ipad back to you by special delivery (with £500 insurance for loss or damage in transit) If we find any further faults upon receipt we’ll contact you to establish whether you wish us to repair your unit or whether you want us to return the unit to you.

(Do not send in your iPad without ordering this service and paying first!)

All iPad parts are professionally installed the same day of receiving the iPad and are promptly and safely shipped back!

Shipping Instructions

If you placed an order for iPod installation/repair services, please send your iPad to the following address provided:







 When sending the iPad in for service I recommend you use a shipping service with tracking or delivery confirmation. Make sure your name is on the return address or listed somewhere on the package for the fastest service possible! Please adequately pack your iPad in sturdy packaging such as a box rather than an envelope! Be sure to put the iPad’s hold switch in the hold position. This prevents your iPad from turning on and being damaged in shipping!

Do not send anything aside from your iPad in for service (ex. cases, original iPad boxes, additional unnecessary accessories

Also with your iPad please be sure to include the following on a sheet of paper:


Email Address

iPad Model


Serial Number

Order Number

Brief description of the problem you’re having

This is to help us keep track of your iPad and to give a background into your iPad troubles!

iPadRepairs is not liable for any damage incurred during the shipment from your location to iPadRepair’s facility! Also you must order something from the store in order to send your iPad into iPadRepairs. We cannot have non-documented iPads being delivered due to the hassle of having to sort out the owner and the owners form of payment. If an iPad is delivered without an online store order, it will be held until the owner can be reached (for up to 90 days.) If no contact is made, the iPad will be considered abandoned and iPadRepairs will take ownership.